Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bucket list item#2: Go on a Summer adventure

I woke up to disappointing weather today. Considering a couple of friends and I planned on a little beach getaway, I was not impressed that the sun was not coming out. It got worse when a couple of our friends decided not to go, and only three of us was keen. In the end, we decided to mish it out anyway. Either way the weather was crap, so why not enjoy the crap weather somewhere else? Ha.

Explored the charming little town of Mt. Maunganui and was surprised at how it was so alive. There was more than a few good shops in there and we had a blast checking them out. Ended up getting friendship bracelets, secondhand copies of two books I've been wanting to read, and a few pieces of clothing.

When we got to the beach, we were surprised to see that there was a lot of people and that some sort of gig was happening. It was the Coke Dome tour and we ended up checking it out. The wrist bands were so techy, in sync with our Facebook accounts, and we had to swipe them to do all these things. There was also a photobooth where photos taken will automatically be uploaded in our accounts. Another thing I enjoyed was the seemingly endless supply of coca-cola refreshments for everyone! Of course, the live entertainment did not disappoint with Josh Leys, Massad, and the guys from The Good Fun performing! Also got to try the new icy coke thing thanks to Massad!

The day was spent with two of my closest girlfriends, filled with awkward moments and laughs, random talks, and memories. I think I can put a big check to item #2 in my bucket list!

Of course, the day I do all these cool things, meet awesome people, get photographed and get videoed has to be the day where I look like crap in my rattiest clothes. But oh well, who cares about appearances when you're having the time of your life?

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  1. A concert on the beach sounds so awesome! If only it were warm out!

    PS - I love your writing style. :)


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